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Four Essential Skills for ERP Consulting



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an important skill to have in an organization. An ERP manager is usually in charge of implementing the organization's resource plans. They are crucial in facilitating the day to day running of the supply chain. They also aid in the monitory and evaluation of the technical and procedural aspects of the business to ensure smooth operations. The following are some of the important skills that an ERP consulting manager needs to have.


Communication Skills

Implementation of projects can either be successful or utterly fail depending on whether there s effective communication or not. Even the best laid out plan may fail to work if the right information is not passed to the parties involved. It is important for ERP consultant to realize that communication is two-way traffic, with information flowing in both the outward and inward direction. It is therefore crucial that the consultant can speak, read and write clearly to communicate well.


Conflict Management Skills

ERP projects, just like any other project, normally involve many stakeholders. And where there are many people, there is bound to be disagreements which need to be resolved as soon as they arise so that the project stays on course. This is where conflict resolution skills come in handy. The ERP manager is expected to help resolve these disagreements, either as a third party or an interested member of the conflict. As such, they should be able to stay calm and reasonable even in the sharpest of agreements. Similarly, they should be willing to show and command respect from those they work with and avoid encouraging animosity by their actions and attitudes. Know about Indirect Procurement here!


Organizational Skills

The implementation of a project is a complex process that involves an interplay of diverse factors. These factors need to be managed and organized in such a way that they will all fit together towards the accomplishment of the task at hand as well as the general project objectives. Documentation, communication, specifications, contracts, memos among several others are some of the factors involved in this process. An ERP manager should thus have good organizational skills to confidently tackle such issues. They should have the required charisma and stamina to easily mobilize resources and people without expending much energy in the process.


Team Building Skills

When not properly managed and encouraged to interact, the key players in a project can easily keep away from each other, choosing seclusion instead of teamwork. While it is good for the individual player to keep a fair share of their privacy, working together as a team is more preferable. In this way, more can be accomplished and the working environment is made free of suspicion and jealousy. Procurement Research ERP consulting manager who can encourage and exemplify a team spirit should be prized above all else.